‘Federal Government Advisors’ is a Scam, Full Stop, Zero Question

There are standards via Case Law, Common Law, basic decency, The Golden Rule, and algebra that can determine definitively if something is objectively a scam. ‘Federal Government Advisors, LLC’ is a scam. I’m a minority owner in the company, I know all about the people running it, and I attest to everyone reading this that I – Eric Smith born 3/31/1985 in La Salle County, IL...know that Federal Government Advisors is a scam.

To make this argument bulletproof, I have to establish what a scam is and upon doing so it can be proven that this company meets all three of the following criteria.

What is a Scam?

1. If the owner of a scam operation explicitly refers to it as a scam, then ipso facto it is a scam. Jeffrey Londono has openly referred to Federal Government Advisors as “a scam” among his inner circle, and certainly not as a joke.

2. The service is sold in bad faith with no appropriate way to actually deliver at the level of efficacy it is sold at. If the premise can’t possibly work if people routinely get what they were sold...it’s a scam. If I take three different persons’ money so they can each buy a car from me, and I only have two cars to sell, that is a scam.

3. ‘The Golden Rule’ or in the context of money ‘The Fiduciary Rule’. Would you accept the same solution yourself under the same circumstances as your prospect? If not, you’re not meeting the standard for giving professional advice and it’s a scam.

Here are some ways in which FGA has scammed me, or their clients.

Complete Breach of Contract

Starting with me...We have an operational agreement wherein three people own the company. In this agreement we drafted in March of 2022. It explicitly states that dividends are to be paid monthly less provisional costs. Dividends were paid once in April 2022 and never again.

I agreed to these terms under the explicit auspice that I was going to replace myself and that I likely wouldn’t be in the company for more than a year.

In 25 months I have received $0.00 despite the company profiting 7 figures. The other owners refuse to send me banking and accounting documents that I'm legally entitled to then say I'm harassing them by asking again and again...it's the perfect manipulation for them...just whine that people keep demanding what's theirs and then claim that's the problem not the reality that they are blatantly breaking an agreement.

The Federal Government Advisors Scammy Way

Here is an example of me experiencing the FGA way...I demanded -- for at least the 30th time in a year -- financial documents to see what my 10% is worth...finally I get Javier to reply and he says 'oh sure, I'll send them today'...I say 'no, I'm not trying to be a bother, just send in next week please it's not urgent just do it this time'. 12 days later I contact him fuming that I still haven't received them and I can tell he’s dodging me...he whines that he doesn't like me asking over and over and then sends me the bare minimum amount of data for 2 years ago. Then claims I can't communicate with him anymore because I'm bothering him for something he can furnish in 10 minutes...or he claims he can't get them (he can) and I have to go to Jeffrey for them who will never reply of course. It’s not like I want to associate with these grifter parasites, it’s just that they won’t follow through.

This is exactly what FGA does to clients...some grifter like that felon Clifford Atherley tells you all about how they're going to hold your hand and yada yada...top notch service...you're gonna win big if you stick with us...then when you want the service (which is mostly just meandering video conferences that provide little value) they do far less than the grifter who made 28% of what you gave FGA and when you finally snap and complain...Javier fires off the standard BBB response of...’we have provided so much already including’ (lots of words that are mostly of no material) and then they can claim they did what they said they would...even though they empirically didn't and you're stuck. They call all negative complaints bogus and barrage them with flags to get removed at all costs...they reply to about every negative Trust Pilot review claiming its fake even though they know it isn't. Again...Federal Government Advisors is a scam.

Imagine someone 25 months behind on paying you what was agreed upon and having them spit in your face and not even show you bank statements. Imagine some poor small biz owner who paid out 7k-10k on a credit card for what is mostly air and 1500-2500 of commission to an unqualified grifter moron and having Javier then kill you with toxic kindness of useless meetings followed by complaint replies saying you're unreasonable.

They don't care...like Jeffrey says when he mimics 'Wolf of Wall Street' often 'move their money out of their pocket and into your pocket'. He does this cringey thing where he just always tries to be this Jordan Belfort like character...which is interesting because...

A. He ran a scam that destroyed some people.
B. Seriously get your own personality, loser.
C. He doesn't care if you get hurt by him.

He flat out told me the company is "a scam" and then said it's fine because 'They'll just get scammed elsewhere' which if you're keeping score...could be used to justify anything. I told him his attitude towards business was disgusting and he made it clear he didn't care and then tried to emulate the scene in ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ where Jordan tells his wife he sells garbage and Jeffrey says 'yeah sometimes people win contracts sometimes they don’t...it doesn't matter'.

When I was setting up the tech stuff for FGA I was proudly showing Jeffrey how I rigged the email campaigns to be so awesome and he said 'it doesn't matter if they work'. I reflexively snapped and said 'yes it does! I'm not here to make stuff that doesn't work!’

This is a recurring theme in the 14 months I worked on this stuff.. I want to take the high road and make something useful and Jeffrey couldn't care less because its just a cash grab. FGA has more enemies than FAMR (Federal Award Management Registration) and they’re trash too and have been around 5 times longer...they just do a better job of not making absurd promises about service.

Javier is perfectly content providing almost no value and spending significant resources posting fake reviews -- check the pattern in how their positive reviews on Google often read. It's the same script over and over...finding ways to claim people are being unreasonable for wanting what they were sold and then just outsourcing blame or authority on Jeffrey.

They don’t care...15-20 new clients a week approximately and they tout that a few happened to have been awarded something as if that proves any significant efficacy of the service. I could pay someone $1000 to get me to the DMV to wait in line...it doesn't make it a good service.


People literally get conned into paying $600 to fill out a form that is basically the same as the government form and then have someone else submit it. I’m not kidding! A 15 minute task that you end up still spending 15 minutes on just so someone then submits for you. It's a grift...in the financial world it would be illegal and deemed a scam by law...here it's just "consulting".


Not sure if they're still doing this, but for some time they were just pirating another company's software and reposting the info through their interface...totally robbing them and then charging way more than just subscribing to them.


Numerous ones are basically staged nonsense, but again certainly not all since of course some will win. It would be objectively impossible still to justify the Federal Government Advisors scam as a whole.

The Federal Government Advisors Scam...IT’S A BOILER ROOM

It's SALES and as little service as will shut you up or get them to have Javier write his whiny template to BBB about people expecting too much.

They can't even stick to the operational agreement and think they have the right to just keep not paying me. At minimum we're talking low 6 figures...you think they won't screw your business for a quick few grand?


I had to spend a week being barraged with questions about how come hosting costs don't go up with each new subdomain created for a client....why? Because some grifter came to the office and lied that the company would get "blacklisted". No real explanation was provided of what that even meant in this context either.

This crooked low-life didn't specify how and any bit of research could've proved what he was saying wasn't true but Jeffrey claimed I was cutting corners and endangering the company and I had to explain half a dozen times to Javier and keep showing sources INCLUDING A TICKET FROM THE HOSTING COMPANY WE USE saying that no such thing is real. These people have no business running a business or making such decisions. Jeffrey is legitimately stupid..can barely read (7th grade level maybe).

He thinks the word exponential just means a significant increase and has used the term in embarrassing ways...when the company was a start-up he was yacking on phone with prospect saying 'we can get you registered with agencies' and the guy on the other side told him he was a hack and that made no sense...he sat there after that call pouting for getting called out on such a stupid claim that doesn't even make sense.

Jeffrey would smile with glee and say 'let's just not pay that [$40, headset, whatever]’ that a sales person won by spinning a wheel, and that's his mentality...'oh boy I get to screw someone out of something I promised' he outright screwed me out of 3k last year by deciding 3 weeks later that it wasn't fair...I told him I never wanted to speak to him again and if weren't for demanding financial docs I'm entitled to I wouldn't have spoke to these people ever again. They are garbage to me.

THEY LAUGH AT YOU after you become a victim to the Federal Government Advisors Scam

While these people aren't intelligent at all...don't think for a second they're just hapless...they genuinely enjoy getting one over on you. I listened to Jeffrey tell a gym owner client to his face 'Oh yeah were gonna work real hard to help you get those renovation contracts' he shut the door while entering my office and laughed at the guy he said it to and said something to the effect of 'pfftt there ain't no way' to which I pointed out 'stop placating people, it's worse than just being ineffective' he then gave one of his special ed Jordan Belfort monologues about how you have to keep people hoping.

I worked on this company mostly in isolation and collaborating via Slack on fix-it tasks and development of processes. I really didn't perceive how terrible and fraudulent this operation is. I'm genuinely sorry for anyone who has been roped into this scam operation as my family has real values beyond money and we don't feel it's right to just take people's money via deceit and not providing real value.

Right after I left the company I made it clear to Jeffrey that he better not try to screw me out of my dividends and instead of being earnest and saying something like 'of course I wouldn't' he made an obscene analogy about his genitalia and me getting the scraps. I don't remember the exact analogy but as per usual he is a repulsive degenerate. I told him I wanted to provide real value to hand selected clients and be like my father who was a respected contractor and very trustworthy person. He said in the most obnoxious and sarcastic way "good for you!"...he doesn't respect actual work or value...you're a sucker for caring is his mentality...remember 'take the money out of their pocket and put it in yours' that's it. If you grift some poor start-up into believing spending $9000 on mostly air is what will get them over the top. Who cares if it's not true and they'll hate their decision? Just take them because you can.

Javier is a bit more reserved about how he says it, but he most certainly doesn't care that FGA’s offerings are mostly immaterial of any real value.


I'm going to end this company by publicizing the truth...I destroyed a company called ‘CastleRock Security’ in my mid 20s and the owner (Jim German of Barrington, IL) tried to send everything at me in terms of legal power to stop me...problem is...they can't fight truth...they went bust when the Illinois State’s Attorney moved in and I had their fax machine they used for receiving cancellations moving so fast that they couldn't understand how I crushed them with almost no resources allocated to it.

I will sue Jhon Londono (Jeffrey's father and a manager on the operating agreement) for all the dividends I didn't get that I was owed after the company collapses and I get Jeffrey, and hopefully Javier hit with wire fraud charges...which for the record...they absolutely have earned. Remember, in the financial world, to even sell someone something you can't justify buying is illegal..check the case law...if a consulting boiler room is put under enough scrutiny the standard isn't that much different

Imagine taking a 50% pay cut from an existing cushy job from home...moving 48 miles on a dime. Dealing with the stress of a start-up...all so you can have ownership dividends...just for the grifter parasite majority owner to stonewall you on even getting the info on what the company has...cause I did it.

Javier is more of a beta male sociopath in training and I don't think he really understands how awful he is to tell someone that they're wrong for wanting what is in the operational agreement.

It's not good that I didn't remember that we agreed on monthly dividends minus provisional costs, and I should've paid more attention, but it's outright horrible that they think they can just keep dragging on not paying. It’s literally their responsibility to pay accordingly. I just want my fair share for having given them the framework as that was the deal. I never told them to be parasites.

I arranged things in such a way when negotiating the corporate structure where I would own this domain as a backup plan...well here I am executing that backup plan.

By multiple measurable standards...FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ADVISORS IS A SCAM

I will make it a minor hobby to destroy this company and then take Jeffrey's father to court for the money afterwards. This horrible company that shouldn't exist wouldn't without me.

-Eric Smith | May 2024